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Don't let energy bills bring you to your knees switch today and SAVE!

  • What is Energy Deal?

    Energy Deal is a price comparison and advisory service determined to find you a better deal on gas and electricity from our panel of retail partners. We want to make a difference, our unique model allows us to provide you with the best discount plans that you may not otherwise be able to access direct from the retailers.

  • Why Energy Deal?

    We believe that our team is formed by some of the most experienced in the energy industry. We are committed to helping everyday people save on rising costs. Our affiliate companies are focussed on providing sustainable solutions including, solar power and a wide variety of energy efficiency products and services.

  • How do you sign up?

    Simply call us on 1300 368 886 and one of our specialist energy consultants will take care of the rest. All you will need is your postcode, current retailer and the type of fuel (dual fuel, electricity, gas) and we will provide you with alternate options within minutes – it really is that easy.

  • How does Energy Deal make a profit?

    We are a free service to the consumer, providing an advisory and comparison service from our panel of retail partner. Our revenue is generated from providing your business to the retailer you chose; we essentially are a marketing channel.

    Our revenue is then used to fund our numerous marketing functions and employ our skilled employees that help form Energy Deal.