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It’s not just cool
to go solar it will
save you money to

Why Go Solar?

Help us help you to reduce your bill.

Everyone is feeling the pain from higher energy bills and would like to reduce their electricity bills. A Solar system is a great way to do it. Think about the desired outcome you are looking for and we will tailor a system suitable for you and your needs. The choices include reducing your bill, wiping it out completely or even reaping the benefits of feeding it back into the grid and making some money!

Lead – and others will follow.

Choosing to go green will not only be beneficial to yourself and the environment, it will also boost enthusiasm towards following suit in your neighborhood. It is evident once a few households get on board, it becomes a ripple effect and before you know it you are living in a cleaner and more energy efficient environment for
your friends and family.

Bump up your home's equity.

Going green and installing solar panels on your roof can significantly increase your properties worth and value. Solar panels are a proven strength when entering the Aussie real estate market and trying to sell your home. The solar panels are beneficial for you, can be helpful when selling your home and will certainly be appreciated by the next family!

Conquer your bill and electricity price hikes!

Australia is moving towards a lower carbon powered future and there will be a cost impact on you, the energy consumer. Some of these expenses will be passed down to consumers like yourself and you will see your prices increase. Scary stuff!

Reduce your carbon footprint.

It is evident that the climate change could present danger for out planet and this is factual. Governments have not yet been able to provide a firm strategic path so why leave it all up to them? Every household has the opportunity to turn things around and make a difference. By installing a solar system, you can reduce roughly 8.5 tons of CO2 each year from your home just by installing solar panels on your roof, that's the equivalent of about three cars off the road.