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Alinta Energy joins Energy Deal's panel of retailers

POSTED April 15, 2013

"Energy Deal is excited to announce that Alinta Energy has joined our panel of retailers - offering Energy Deal customers even greater choice".

Alinta Energy supplies natural gas and electricity to 700,000 homes and businesses throughout Australia. Alinta Energy employs 780 people in 14 locations across Australia and New Zealand.
Alinta Energy began retai [..]

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Smart meter data shared far and wide

POSTED September 24, 2012

DETAILED information about electricity customers' power usage, which gives insights into when a house is occupied, is being shared with third parties including mail houses, debt collectors, data processing analysts and government agencies.

Customers with smart meters who sign up for Origin Energy's online portal must consent to their data being shared with a stri [..]

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Strategy to pull plug on rising power bills

POSTED September 7, 2012

AUSTRALIA'S electricity market is set for a radical overhaul designed to stop power bills rising, under a new strategy outlined by the Australian Energy Markets Commission.

The commission's report represents a sea change in thinking for the nation's power grid operators, which have resorted to building more poles and wires to cope with short bursts of peak ener [..]

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Reliability the bug in power bill equation

POSTED September 3, 2012

ELECTRICITY consumers would be better off if the NSW government allowed a lower level of reliability in the power distribution network, Australia's peak energy market body says.

The Australian Energy Markets Commission conducted economic modelling on three scenarios for lower investment in the NSW electricity distribution network - the poles and wires [..]

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Renewable Energy News

POSTED August 29, 2012

A recent report from Australia’s Bureau of Resources and Energy Economics (BREE) shows Australia’s total energy consumption has increased by 3 per cent from 2009–10 to a total 6100 petajoules.

Renewable energy (not including biomass) showed the strongest annual consumption growth in 2010–11 at 20 per cent, followed by a 7 per cent jump i [..]

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30 simple ways to beat the carbon tax

POSTED June 26, 2012

The price on carbon begins on Sunday. While only the top carbon-emitting companies and organisations are affected by the $23 price tag on each tonne of carbon emitted, the cost will filter down to all of us through our electricity bills. At the same time electricity prices are set to increase due to increased infrastructure costs. Householders around Australia are bracing [..]

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Libs target Labor seats in carbon campaign

POSTED June 26, 2012

The federal opposition has sent small businesses in Labor-held marginal seats posters apologising to customers for the rise in costs under the carbon tax.

THE posters have been sent to 7000 bakers, bottleshops, butchers, dry cleaners and fruit shops as the coalition ramps up its anti-carbon tax campaign ahead of its start on July 1.

One of the posters reads [..]

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Green power in the red

POSTED June 26, 2012

WITH electricity prices rising, the carbon tax looming and the world turning away from expensive deep-green ambitions in Rio and beyond, the race is on to reshape Australia's renewable energy landscape into a more coherent national strategy.

The Renewable Energy Target, which forces electricity suppliers to buy a percentage of electricity from renewable sources and p [..]

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Opposition carbon tax claims untrue: PM

POSTED June 26, 2012

Prime Minister Julia Gillard says the opposition's claims Labor's carbon pricing regime will cause significant damage to the Australian economy are untrue.

The federal government's fixed price of $23 a tonne on carbon emissions will begin on July 1 before shifting to a market based system in 2015.

Leader of the Opposition Tony Abbott has regularly stated the [..]

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Rooftop solar PV to be energy game-changer in Australia

POSTED May 30, 2012

The Australian Energy Market Operator has produced a landmark report that for the first time recognises rooftop solar PV as a significant source of energy in the National Electricity Market, and includes forecasts that could have a profound impact on the way electricity is consumed and produced – and talked about – in this country.

In a report entitled Ro [..]

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Carbon tax baffles small business: survey

POSTED May 30, 2012

The federal government is going to great lengths to explain to households its compensation package for the upcoming carbon tax but a new survey suggests it should be giving small business a guiding hand.

Almost half of small businesses are unclear about what the price on carbon will mean to them, even though the impost will be introduced within weeks.

A surve [..]

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Carbon tax: Silver lining to taxing times

POSTED May 30, 2012

Channel businesses should be planning on how to deal with forthcoming Carbon Tax now, according to experts.

With the July 1 starting date looming, what was once a confused picture is starting to become a lot clearer as industry leaders figure out how to best deal with the tax and where business opportunities lie.

The government’s bottom line is this: Th [..]

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Qantas chief slams $23 carbon tax as too high

POSTED May 30, 2012

QANTAS chief executive Alan Joyce says the carbon tax is too high and should be reduced to reflect international market prices.

Mr Joyce told a lunch in Perth the $23-a-tonne fixed price of the carbon tax was much more than in the rest of the world under the current economic situations.

"I think in Europe it's going to be below $9 when the scheme [..]

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Lights out as families battle rising electricity bills

POSTED May 29, 2012

FAMILIES disconnected from power are surviving without electricity for up to a month with energy companies refusing to grant bill extensions.

Many families are having their electricity cut off because they cannot afford to pay soaring power bills. Picture: The Courier Mail

The Daily Telegraph

Others are forced to plug an extension cord into a neigh [..]

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Australian SMEs ripe to benefit from renewable energy push, KPMG report reveals

POSTED May 29, 2012

A large portion of demand for clean and renewable energy will be driven by China and Japan over the medium term and Australian SMEs are in a prime spot to take advantage of the boom, a new KPMG report says.

The KPMG Green Power 2012 report found that Asian investment in renewable energy increased by more than 50% during 2011, while companies located in Asia made acqu [..]

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Labor eyes campaign to explain power bills

POSTED May 24, 2012

THE federal government is working on plans to include an insert with household electricity bills later this year to explain the impact of the carbon tax.

Copies of a working version of the insert seen by The Australian say the tax contributes 9c out of every extra dollar in the power bills, retail 20c, wholesale electricity 20c and poles and wires 51c. The insert [..]

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Brookes makes carbon tax a scapegoat for results

POSTED May 24, 2012

MYER'S dismal third-quarter sales update yesterday provided another warning of the potential negative public relations fallout from the federal government's carbon tax.

There are many factors affecting the retail market, from overpriced goods and the competition from cheaper online shopping, poor-quality service and higher petrol prices to uncertainty about the wo [..]

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Carbon tax is blamed as axe falls on smelter

POSTED May 24, 2012

AS MANY as 500 jobs are expected to be lost with the closure of one of the state's two aluminium smelters as a result of the strong dollar, weak metal prices and the prospect of higher power prices.

But it was the possible impact of the carbon tax on the closure decision which sparked a political brawl over the extent to which the tax was responsible.

The [..]

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Independent MPs support scrapping carbon tax

POSTED May 21, 2012

THE Coalition's attempt to scrap the carbon tax has gained ground, with two independents indicating some support for plans to repeal the legislation if there is a change of government.

The moves come amid forecasts of a shift in power in the Senate that could give Tony Abbott the votes he needs to unravel the carbon package without resort to a double-dissolution el [..]

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Farmers 'deserve more gas cash': NSW Energy Minister

POSTED May 17, 2012

FARMERS could share a bigger slice of the resources boom under a NSW plan to increase payments to landholders and overcome objections to "fracking" rigs that unlock coal-seam gas.

The NSW government proposal is aimed at breaking a deadlock that has left the state lagging far behind a Queensland bonanza where companies are investing $30,000 every minute to produc [..]

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CLIMATE SPECTATOR: The amazing disappearing carbon tax grab

POSTED May 17, 2012

Yesterday the cheques started rolling out to households as part of the household compensation package for the carbon price. And in July pay cheques will start hitting bank accounts with slightly less tax taken out of them.

While I was hoping the government would give all the compensation in quarterly cheques & [..]

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Solar PV – it’s cheaper than you think

POSTED May 17, 2012

Perhaps it’s time we should all stop kidding ourselves. So much of the political and economic debate around clean energy is framed through the idea that solar, in particular, is just too expensive, and will be for decades. But for the consumers who increasingly exercise the power of choice over the electricity they consume, this is just plain wrong.

The energy [..]