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Everything you
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Changing Energy Checklist

Changing energy retailers can be confusing. Here at Energy Deal we can help you get the best deal from our selection of energy retailers.

However, before you speak to us here's a checklist that can help you understand what you need to know before switching energy retailers for your home.

Check your current energy service contract:

  • How and when you receive bills
  • How you currently pay and what other payment options are available to you
  • What are your current prices and charges
  • Are there any charges for cancelling the contract
  • What happens if you change address

Do you owe your current electricity and/or gas retailer money?

If you owe your electricity company over $200 or your gas company over $100 for more than 40 business days, your current retailer may block the transfer of your account.

How and when do you use electricity/gas?

Does your energy usage change from bill to bill? Do you use more at peak times with everyone else, or off peak?

Are you planning changes that will affect your usage?

E.g. new appliances or more people living at home?

Are you happy to sign for a fixed period of time?

Some market contracts are for fixed terms with an exit fee if you
end the contract early.

Do you have off-peak electric appliances for hot water or heating?

If you do, find out whether you'll still get a cheaper off-peak electricity tariff to run these. Some retailers don't offer off-peak tariffs.

Do you want to pay monthly or quarterly?

Some energy retailers offer monthly billing and plans, which can 'smooth' your payments out over the year.