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go green

GreenPower for your business.

GreenPower offers your business an easy way to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. Consumers are becoming more attracted to businesses that are seen as being environmentally aware. Taking the initiative in helping to drive demand for renewable energy and reducing your business carbon footprint are only a few of the many benefits of switching to GreenPower.

After switching, tell your work colleagues and employees, so they can reduce their energy use and help offset the cost of supporting GreenPower.

So what's the benefit?

The more GreenPower you buy, the more you support renewable energy in Australia. You will also have the peace of mind that the money you invest goes to renewable energy generation because GreenPower is audited by the government.

Better still, you don't have to change your electricity supply or meter box whilst still get the same reliability of supply.

How to switch

We will find you the best GreenPower energy plan for your home from our selection of retail partners.

Making the switch is easy. Just call Energy Deal on 1300 368 886.