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Our Good

Retailer Rationale

We have selected the following retailers based on the following principles:

  • 1 Price-competitiveness
  • 2 Service Levels
  • 3 Credibility in the market
  • 4 Financial backing
  • 5 Terms and Conditions of engagement

Our Partners

  • Simply Energy

    From 2005, Simply Energy have been providing energy to homes and businesses across Australia. Since then, we've grown a lot, and changed a lot.

    We are backed by a wealth of knowledge and experience, jointly owned by global energy company ENGIE and Mitsui & Co. We're now powering more than 550,000 customers around the country. And, more than ever before, we're partnering with people to help them manage and monitor their energy. We're putting you in control.

  • Sumo

    Sumo is Victoria’s newest electricity provider. Sumo was founded by people who were tired of the usual rhetoric from energy companies - Customers being treated as numbers, endless billing errors and complicated plans. Sumo is committed to providing Great prices, Real service and No surprises. They are dedicated to getting things right the first time. Sumo will keep prices low that deliver great savings. They pride themselves on providing great service, focused on getting bills to you without delay and with no surprises.

  • Lumo Energy

    Lumo Energy is an Australian energy retailer owned by Snowy Hydro, serving almost 550,000 customers across Residential areas in Victoria and South Australia. It commenced retailing electricity in February 2004 under the name Victoria Electricity, South Australia Electricity, Queensland Electricity and New South Wales Electricity, coming together under one name and launching Lumo Energy in 2010. As one of Australia's fastest growing energy retailers, Lumo Energy's vision is to provide easy-to-use energy solutions, while delivering them in a unique and customer friendly fashion. Lumo Energy values community highly, partnering with organisations to support grassroots initiatives and provide meaningful engagement with the public, beyond traditional expectations of an energy retailer. Currently, Lumo Energy supports The Salvation Army, Netball Victoria and the Western Bulldogs.

  • Blue NRG

    Blue NRG’s mission is to establish its business as the acknowledged electricity retailer of choice for small to medium-size enterprises in the Australian retail electricity market. Blue NRG is a wholly 100% Australian company and is a subsidiary of Green Generation Pty Ltd. Blue NRG’s primary market target is the small and medium-sized enterprise (“SME”) sector. This category typically comprises owner operators and private companies, with staff levels of up to 200 employees and annual electricity consumption of up to 500MWh.

    Blue NRG’s customers are typically franchisees, shopkeepers, bakeries, large retailers, commercial businesses, manufacturing, trades, automotive, light engineering and the like. They are all operating in highly competitive markets and are under constant pressure to reduce their overheads, but tend to believe that they are locked into high electricity prices. They are largely unaware that electricity charges are highly competitive, due largely to deregulation and privatisation, and they are generally receptive to a marketing approach where a genuine saving is available.

  • 1st Energy

    Founded in 2014, we are a new electricity company currently servicing New South Wales. We are Australian based and dedicated to providing energy that actually reflects the real cost of doing business whilst giving our customers confidence and peace of mind that we care about them.

    You don't often have to call your energy company for support, but when you do, it can be frustrating. You could be waiting on hold, being transferred to different departments, and your issue might not be solved in a prompt manner. We know this, and this is why we, as a small retailer, can promise an excellent level of customer service and quick solutions. At 1st Energy we recognise customers are faced with the energy dilemma of wanting to cut costs now and wanting a guarantee those costs will stay low over time. Our promise is we won't take your benefits away from you after your contract term. As a customer service focused retailer ­ we promise you'll be looked after at all times.

    Our team has years of experience in the retail energy industry, here in Australia and internationally and have now come together to build a better energy partner for your business and home.