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Alinta Energy joins Energy Deal's panel of retailers

POSTED April 15, 2013

"Energy Deal is excited to announce that Alinta Energy has joined our panel of retailers - offering Energy Deal customers even greater choice".

Alinta Energy supplies natural gas and electricity to 700,000 homes and businesses throughout Australia. Alinta Energy employs 780 people in 14 locations across Australia and New Zealand.
Alinta Energy began retai [..]

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30 simple ways to beat the carbon tax

POSTED June 26, 2012

The price on carbon begins on Sunday. While only the top carbon-emitting companies and organisations are affected by the $23 price tag on each tonne of carbon emitted, the cost will filter down to all of us through our electricity bills. At the same time electricity prices are set to increase due to increased infrastructure costs. Householders around Australia are bracing [..]

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Libs target Labor seats in carbon campaign

POSTED June 26, 2012

The federal opposition has sent small businesses in Labor-held marginal seats posters apologising to customers for the rise in costs under the carbon tax.

THE posters have been sent to 7000 bakers, bottleshops, butchers, dry cleaners and fruit shops as the coalition ramps up its anti-carbon tax campaign ahead of its start on July 1.

One of the posters reads [..]

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Green power in the red

POSTED June 26, 2012

WITH electricity prices rising, the carbon tax looming and the world turning away from expensive deep-green ambitions in Rio and beyond, the race is on to reshape Australia's renewable energy landscape into a more coherent national strategy.

The Renewable Energy Target, which forces electricity suppliers to buy a percentage of electricity from renewable sources and p [..]

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Opposition carbon tax claims untrue: PM

POSTED June 26, 2012

Prime Minister Julia Gillard says the opposition's claims Labor's carbon pricing regime will cause significant damage to the Australian economy are untrue.

The federal government's fixed price of $23 a tonne on carbon emissions will begin on July 1 before shifting to a market based system in 2015.

Leader of the Opposition Tony Abbott has regularly stated the [..]

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Rooftop solar PV to be energy game-changer in Australia

POSTED May 30, 2012

The Australian Energy Market Operator has produced a landmark report that for the first time recognises rooftop solar PV as a significant source of energy in the National Electricity Market, and includes forecasts that could have a profound impact on the way electricity is consumed and produced – and talked about – in this country.

In a report entitled Ro [..]

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