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Libs target Labor seats in carbon campaign

POSTED June 26, 2012

The federal opposition has sent small businesses in Labor-held marginal seats posters apologising to customers for the rise in costs under the carbon tax.

THE posters have been sent to 7000 bakers, bottleshops, butchers, dry cleaners and fruit shops as the coalition ramps up its anti-carbon tax campaign ahead of its start on July 1.

One of the posters reads [..]

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Carbon tax baffles small business: survey

POSTED May 30, 2012

The federal government is going to great lengths to explain to households its compensation package for the upcoming carbon tax but a new survey suggests it should be giving small business a guiding hand.

Almost half of small businesses are unclear about what the price on carbon will mean to them, even though the impost will be introduced within weeks.

A surve [..]

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Carbon tax: Silver lining to taxing times

POSTED May 30, 2012

Channel businesses should be planning on how to deal with forthcoming Carbon Tax now, according to experts.

With the July 1 starting date looming, what was once a confused picture is starting to become a lot clearer as industry leaders figure out how to best deal with the tax and where business opportunities lie.

The government’s bottom line is this: Th [..]

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Qantas chief slams $23 carbon tax as too high

POSTED May 30, 2012

QANTAS chief executive Alan Joyce says the carbon tax is too high and should be reduced to reflect international market prices.

Mr Joyce told a lunch in Perth the $23-a-tonne fixed price of the carbon tax was much more than in the rest of the world under the current economic situations.

"I think in Europe it's going to be below $9 when the scheme [..]

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Brookes makes carbon tax a scapegoat for results

POSTED May 24, 2012

MYER'S dismal third-quarter sales update yesterday provided another warning of the potential negative public relations fallout from the federal government's carbon tax.

There are many factors affecting the retail market, from overpriced goods and the competition from cheaper online shopping, poor-quality service and higher petrol prices to uncertainty about the wo [..]

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Carbon tax is blamed as axe falls on smelter

POSTED May 24, 2012

AS MANY as 500 jobs are expected to be lost with the closure of one of the state's two aluminium smelters as a result of the strong dollar, weak metal prices and the prospect of higher power prices.

But it was the possible impact of the carbon tax on the closure decision which sparked a political brawl over the extent to which the tax was responsible.

The [..]

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Independent MPs support scrapping carbon tax

POSTED May 21, 2012

THE Coalition's attempt to scrap the carbon tax has gained ground, with two independents indicating some support for plans to repeal the legislation if there is a change of government.

The moves come amid forecasts of a shift in power in the Senate that could give Tony Abbott the votes he needs to unravel the carbon package without resort to a double-dissolution el [..]

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CLIMATE SPECTATOR: The amazing disappearing carbon tax grab

POSTED May 17, 2012

Yesterday the cheques started rolling out to households as part of the household compensation package for the carbon price. And in July pay cheques will start hitting bank accounts with slightly less tax taken out of them.

While I was hoping the government would give all the compensation in quarterly cheques & [..]

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